What is West Coast Soul?

West Coast Soul is my umbrella of love! My goal is for all of us to recognize our own self worth. Our own unique quirks are what make us all our own beautiful. Our characteristics are ours and ours alone! I want my children, my sisters, my nieces and all young women (and men) to own who they are. Take pride in who we are. Feel comfortable and confident in our own skin, and recognize first, the beauty in life, in others, and all that surrounds us.

West Coast Soul supports all of us in celebrating the beauty of love! Imagine a world in which every day you are celebrated? Not entitled, but knowing your strengths, your distinct unique beauty that makes you you?

That is what West Coast Soul wants to create. Change your perspective and celebrate you, celebrate all those you love.


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Next Steps...

One of the hardest things for me to do, is let go. Let go of all negative influences, because we become so used them, that the constant becomes comforting. We hold onto our friends who drain us, our scales of which we weigh our worth, and stop listening to our own internal voices.

It is time to release everything that doesn't lift us up. Send them love, and let them go.

It is time to soar.

I am Happy. I am Brave. I am Loved. I am a Goddess. I am a Dreamer. I am Unique. I am Smart. I am Beautiful. I am Kind.