Generation Empowered

Can you remember the first person in your life who saw your worth and made you feel seen? Valued? Smart?

Can you imagine how different your life would have been if someone had instilled in you that your self worth is from within? That the only validation you need is your own?

Can you imagine living your childhood with the added pressure of social media, camera phones and predators lurking in your home via the internet?

As much as I love who I am, I often find myself wondering if I could have become me, a little easier? If I could have found myself sooner without so many painful lessons.

Generation Empowered is a program created to proactively support kids in learning real life solutions to real life situations. We talk about bullying before encountering bullies. We support mental wellness. We give youth a safe space to come together in and explore feelings, different topics, and have consistent social fun in an inconsistent pandemic.

Every week, we bring together youth within the maturity of 7-15 (then split into two age/mature appropriate groups). Every month we offer a family activity to promote family unity, like Zumba, cooking classes, dance classes, all done virtually.

We explore topics like Boundaries, Self Worth, Anxiety/Coping Skills, LQTBQ, and we laugh a lot!

We believe in the program so much, we seek out and offer sponsorships for youth in need, to lessen the financial burden on families. No child will get left behind.

To put your youth on the registration list for September 2021, click the link below