Generation Empowered

Generation Empowered is a proactive program for youth that supports families, mental wellness and offer real life solutions for real life situations before they come out.

We cover topics like Boundaries, Peer Pressure, Self Harm, Gratitude, Self Esteem and more to support families in raising kids in these challenging times.

Amanda Elia and I have created this program based on what would have benefited us as youth, growing up without support. I imagine how different my life would have been had 1 person had given me the gift of believing in me.

Through Generation Empowered, we believe no kids should be left behind, so we have set up sponsorships through community to help cover expenses. Week after week, youth from across Canada log in via Zoom and connect, socialize, and explore all our empowering topics.

We have also set up monthly free family zoom sessions. Zumba, Art Classes, Yoga, counselling and other family activities that support family doing activities together.

If you are interested in registering your kids, or sponsoring a youth, email Jo directly at

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