Why do I need to heal my feminine

Here is what I know to be true.

When my Feminine energy balance layed more in the wounded then the healthy Divine side, I was broken. My loneliness was overwhelming and I was afraid of everything.

You see, by nature I am a very feminine creature. I am nurturing, I am intuitive, I am creative and sensual. I am not competitive, aggressive, and I enjoy the softness in life. I grew up in a time however, where all these attributes were shames, shunned, frowned upon. I learned to hide them, try and fit into societal boxes. I learned form a young age to hide behind a mask of who I was not and try and be who society deemed I should be.

In doing so, I was never able to make authentic connections. Not to myself, not in friendships or in romantic relationships. I was never happy.

When I hit my rock bottom at 40, it was not just the hardest scariest time in my life, but also a chance to shed all my masks and just be myself. Heal. Step into my authentic self and allow her to just be. No more shaming, no more hiding, no more fearing being judged.

Hell, I was being judged regardless of all the things I was just trying to be and that just validated my wounds. I was stuck in poor me in my mind for far too long.

I learned that if I was comfortable and confident in who I was, what I loved, then other peoples opinions didn’t even matter. Shame fell away, because I am no longer trying to prove, to anyone, who I am or who I am not. Accept me or don’t. Stay or don’t.

Now, I dance unapologetically in the rain. I lead from my heart. I attract back like hearted community, and that is worth everything.

I am a Divine Feminine creature.

I am emotional. I am intuitive. I am healing. I am nurturing. I am sensual. I am fluid.

I love being a Divine Feminine creature.

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