Why Join this community?

Our Soul Journeys Membership will connect you with a community of like hearted women who come together in a safe and sacred space.

Uniting women in connection to heal and learn from one another.

Connection to self.

Connection to women.

Connection to moon cycles.

Connection to your Divine Feminine and Masculine balance.

Connection to community.

The Soul Journeys membership is for anyone who identifies within their Feminine, who is ready to explore their connection to self, to community, to self worth and so much more. Women seeking a deeper personal growth journey, a support system, inspiration and release. Find empowerment in stepping into you! Releasing “shoulds” and societal “masks”. Real change in the way you feel daily, supporting mental health wellness, seeing, hearing, validating and healing old stories.

This exclusive membership includes –

Monthly Virtual Women’s Soul Circles

Preregistration access to all in person events.

We begin September 15th, virtually at 830 pm Eastern Time

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