Goddess Flow Yoga

Goddess Flow is a fusion of yoga, circularized sensual movement and dance created for women.

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Women Circle

We will feel the depth of our stretch, our breath and our yearning of movement through Goddess Flow Yoga, we will dance in celebration of togetherness, coming down through an intuitive guided meditation.

Bringing a much needed community back to women.

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Souls Sessions-Igniting the Feminine Within

Explore what being feminine means to each of us. We will explore releasing shame, expectations, judgments - past and present. We will come together to encompass self acceptance, self love, experience the pleasure of the simplest self touch.

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Desire Map Facilitator

The Desire MapĀ is a holistic approach to planning and living your life based on how you want to feel.

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There are many reasons women need to come together away from their busy stressful lives. We need more then ever to create environments that fully nurture our feminine souls. As women, the time is upon us to come out and support each other through yoga, meditation, camp fires, maybe even a glass of wine; time away from our daily distractions of self empowerment.

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