Are you feeling this shift?

The year before I turned 40 I started feeling very restless. It was not that my life was in a bad state, but I felt I did not fit into it anymore. I wanted depth. I wanted conversations about more then diapers and weather. I wanted my life to somehow mean something more. I wanted to explore feelings. Heal the world. I felt so disconnected with all things in my life, and my anxiety was as high as it has ever been. Then, bang, not how I had anticipated it, but life changed. Quickly, violently, shockingly. And I began a new journey. Thank you Kali.

My story has been told. I have healed from it, and moved forward into feeling like I do belong here now. My path is exactly where it should be, and it makes my heart sing. My story is not the point of this, the point is, I have been speaking with many women lately, and each of us has a story, a story that needs to be told, heard and honoured, and many of us, are feeling this internal shift. Our paths are changing, and our next journey is just beggining. It is exciting, scary, exhilarating and exhausting! Also it is about to become amazing. There is a new energy in the air. Feminine essence is fully blossoming. Look around, The Divine Feminine is taking back her world. Not since the 12th century have we heard so much about Goddess’. We are finished with the rule of a matriarchal man. I myself absolutely struggle with the thought of a man in a suit, in power of government making rules on my uterus. Women are standing up for themselves, we are taking back our bodies, owning both our sensuality and sexuality unapologetically.

What we need, is to support each other. What we need is to come back together. Society has successfully had us competing with one another over everything. Advertising and marketing thrive upon us constantly feeling not good enough. The truth is, we are. We do not need their products, they need us. We need us.

I have been hosting monthly Women’s circle and the absolute consensus is that we are all feeling this shift, and we want to come back together. We want our lessons that our mothers, and our mothers mothers used to provide us, and we are coming back to together to rebond the generational severs. We want to hear how you healed. I want to honour your story, your progress, hold you through your stumbles, as women did for me. This is why I offer monthly circles, and the classes I do. This is why I am inviting you out.

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