Who am I?

Who am I? Oh boy, where do I start? A woman first and foremost. A mom. A friend. A sister. A daughter. A goddess. A lover. An entrepreneur. That is in just the tip of the iceberg.
Born and raised on the West Coast of Canada in Squamish BC. I moved from home at a young age only to learn the hard way, there really is no place like home! Even though I am not there now, it never leaves my soul. The feeling of peace when I smell the ocean air, the fresh rain in a fully wooded forest or the sight of Diamond Head always welcoming me home.
I created this company as a means to celebrate all the things that made me feel the need to suppress. Being able to feel unique in a cookie cutter world, or being brave enough to swim against the current if that is what you feel are qualities that should be celebrated. Should be embraced. Should be encouraged. Over the past 2 years, my life has grown in leaps and bounds. I have learned the difference between a broken heart and damaged ego, the hard way. For the first time in my life I am trusting my own intuition, following my own path and I have never been happier.
So that is me, for now. In 6 months I am certain there will be more, but that is what makes life such a grand adventure, is it not?
West Coast Soul is a company of my favourite things. Inspirations. Love. Self empowerment. Encouragement. All the things that set my soul on fire.
I only hope you are able to find something that resonates here for you.

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